A Summer Day Print


Good Morning all, 

As summer is finally here in Melbourne, we are in love with digital print skirts, of the beach, of the city, of any scape you can imagine its being printed with state of the art digital printing – this transferal of art meets fashion and the technological advancement of digital printing allows illustration a nice little spot on the clothing as opposed to just being a reflection of it. We cant wait to see more of them. ladies and men of melbourne, bring on those digital prints! 

D&N xoxo 



Creation, Passion & Meditation

Hello Everyone! Its been a pretty inspiring week with so many of those ones near and dear to us creating and working on some great, original concepts and new ideas that are sure to spread good and fast. We too have some collaborations and projects in the horizon that we cant wait to tell all of you about.


Seeing that it is in the final months of this fine year, we thought it a good time to show you what we have learnt  about illustration since D&N has gone live.

The first  for us is to develop a style, everyone has one, you just need to do what comes naturally to you as that is where the originality is.

Learning technique is really a great tool, it will help to push your style, refine it, make it more appealing and interesting, the purpose of being taught technique well is more about doing what you create some justice.

Making work public is a great insight, the public can see what you cant in the work sometimes, and it can bring a new perspective and direction.

Most importantly, take your time, do your work with love, love what you do, create when ever you can with passion, dedication and meditation.


Imaginations rarely keep you warm

We are back from Holidays…and we are busy already!

lets talk Jackets!

Were we have been, we haven’t seen many of them.

But when the plane landed, barely dressed melbournians threw on their winter jackets and you knew your home.

The best ones we saw: Army Jackets. They are so great! Long European coats & of coarse checked jackets.


Me…I forgot mine. So I just drew one I liked to be wearing in the hopes it would materialize.

Imaginations rarely keep you warm I discovered.