A Summer Day Print


Good Morning all, 

As summer is finally here in Melbourne, we are in love with digital print skirts, of the beach, of the city, of any scape you can imagine its being printed with state of the art digital printing – this transferal of art meets fashion and the technological advancement of digital printing allows illustration a nice little spot on the clothing as opposed to just being a reflection of it. We cant wait to see more of them. ladies and men of melbourne, bring on those digital prints! 

D&N xoxo 



French Street Fashion

Hello All,

As we are feeling a little french and chic, and to us there is nothing more amazing then the fashion on the streets of Paris, we have some images that we keep while looking for inspiration for illustration. Remember that its the people on the streets and the amazing things they put together that inspires us to do what we do!

Enjoy and happy weekend all xoxo Divide & Nurture



















(sources of photography from the amazing providers, bloggers, and links above that make life all that little bit richer xoxo)

Creation, Passion & Meditation

Hello Everyone! Its been a pretty inspiring week with so many of those ones near and dear to us creating and working on some great, original concepts and new ideas that are sure to spread good and fast. We too have some collaborations and projects in the horizon that we cant wait to tell all of you about.


Seeing that it is in the final months of this fine year, we thought it a good time to show you what we have learnt  about illustration since D&N has gone live.

The first  for us is to develop a style, everyone has one, you just need to do what comes naturally to you as that is where the originality is.

Learning technique is really a great tool, it will help to push your style, refine it, make it more appealing and interesting, the purpose of being taught technique well is more about doing what you create some justice.

Making work public is a great insight, the public can see what you cant in the work sometimes, and it can bring a new perspective and direction.

Most importantly, take your time, do your work with love, love what you do, create when ever you can with passion, dedication and meditation.


 We have been …



We have been having a great time in Melbourne for the past couple of weeks!

And a lot of things have been happening on this side of things. Not to mention being some exciting blog news.

But first thing is first, we have been taking some photos for you folks to show what we do when our hands get restless and need a change from illustration and a switch to inspiration.




big news for us here is that we were given the Liebster Award for this blog by the most awesome Serendipity

Here are our answers!

  1. Why do you blog? Because we love the idea of an open creative community
  2. About what are you passionate? Anything that demands some sort of creative energy
  3. What makes you happy? Sunny days, illustrations & interesting people!
  4. What did you want to be when you grew up? Is that what you have become? Illustrator & Illustrator
  5. If you could fix one thing that’s wrong with the world, what would it be? Boredom
  6. If you could travel in time, to when would you travel? Why? 1960’s – because we are pretty much zen here
  7. What do you do for fun? If you don’t do it, but would like to, that’s okay. Yoga!
  8. Name two friends, one human, one four-legged. Roxy and Erin
  9. Do you like thunder storms? Not just like – but LOVE!
  10. What’s your favorite season and why? Summer
  11. Describe yourself briefly as if you were someone else. Single words will do and no need for full disclosure! Unashamed to listen to the hairspray musical soundtrack 20 times on Spotify without the private session on. Thats us. Enjoy xoxox

Our Questions for our nominations:

1) Why Blog 2) What inspires you 3) Who inspires you 4) What is your fav item of clothing 5)   What is the first work of art you saw 6) Denim on Denim (double denim) discuss 7) Fashion trend you would like to see a revival 8) Fav Magazine/editor 9) Men and short swimming shorts..discuss 10) Do you think these questions are ridiculous..we do and we are sorry in advance, but you will be happy to know that we are at 11) Tell us about yourself in 2 words

Our nominations are!

Lucy Evans This blog is bitchin in the best sort of way…

Sassy Auburn –  so good

Taylor Talks – she is great, gotta love a girl who loves vintage

Fashion Style Guru – basically, if you call yourself a Guru, your alright in our books.

ifuseekaimeefashion  – awesome shots

Thats all from us – we will be seeing you all soon!

Imaginations rarely keep you warm

We are back from Holidays…and we are busy already!

lets talk Jackets!

Were we have been, we haven’t seen many of them.

But when the plane landed, barely dressed melbournians threw on their winter jackets and you knew your home.

The best ones we saw: Army Jackets. They are so great! Long European coats & of coarse checked jackets.


Me…I forgot mine. So I just drew one I liked to be wearing in the hopes it would materialize.

Imaginations rarely keep you warm I discovered.