Our Generation of Women

Hello All,

Today has been dominated by nothing less then the shear brilliance that is TED Women Series.

Here at D&N we are undeniably interested and passionate about women, what they do and how they do it, how they express themselves with what they wear, how they can be smart, fun and genius to kicking ass in the board room, demanding their success and encouraging a new generation of women to do the same…both these two women can be the exactly same woman…great news is you don’t have to choose between which one you want to be, women are brilliant enough to choose to be one, the other, or both….they are, after all the main subjects of our illustrations which look far deeper then the material on their backs and see the confidence and choices that lays there within.


Check out TED: Women series and start to hear from some women who have great insight into what in means to be a women.


D & N


2 thoughts on “Our Generation of Women

  1. Hi Divide & Nurture, More awesome illustrations! Are you aware of Cafe Lua on a bohemian backstreet in Carlton called Elgin Street? They’re running an art competition for emerging artists and you can win art supplies and exhibition space… Probably a soy chai latte too. http://cafelua.com/artscompetition.php

    David John Watton

    t: 0404 938 656

    e: discodavewatton@hotmail.com


    Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2012 06:52:05 +0000 To: discodavewatton@hotmail.com

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