Music to Live & Love by

 Hello all, 

Often here in our nice and peaceful space we love the silence, but there are some times in the day that all you want to do is totally destroy it by booming loud caravan music to aid in the creation of our designs.


If you then imagine flickering lights, dark nights and ideally romantic rooms in which we do our work, if you then image the tunes that seam and flow through this space: our top five picks of this week are: 


1) we are slightly, and by that i mean majorly putting it on repeat so much that itunes may break down if we listen to this album one more time – Caravan Palace. Gosh, its awesome 


2) The A-Z of Jazz- consisting of about 100 of the best jazz songs- once we tried to listen to it all in one sitting- half nearly drove us insane. not to mention those who visited and left with haste. 


3) William Elliott Whitmore – Animals in the dark album- stumbled upon this on Spotify, and have never looked back. Reminds us of being on a ship…not that we have ever been on one or ever intend to go on one. Too many pirates. 


4)  Im from Barcelona – let me introduce myself, there is nothing better then cranking this up on a sunny day 


5) Last, but most def not least, Nina Simone- Everything and anything she has ever made. Cannot go past her! 













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