Imaginations rarely keep you warm

We are back from Holidays…and we are busy already!

lets talk Jackets!

Were we have been, we haven’t seen many of them.

But when the plane landed, barely dressed melbournians threw on their winter jackets and you knew your home.

The best ones we saw: Army Jackets. They are so great! Long European coats & of coarse checked jackets.


Me…I forgot mine. So I just drew one I liked to be wearing in the hopes it would materialize.

Imaginations rarely keep you warm I discovered.

Bright Winter Streets

Hello All,

Just yesterday I was discussing with a friend of mine how we think winter in Melbourne is over and that we are now on the home stretch back to nice Melbourne summer days. One my way this morning and I can barely walk against the wind and rain. But, it’s not all bad; the best thing about winter is winter fashion. This winter, it’s been a gem.

The Bennie, a staple of the wardrobe i think-is all over the streets this winter. And they look amazing because they are in strong colours – like bright green! You can see these trend setters floating above the greys and washed out blues of the hustle & bustle of busy winter streets.


Photography doesn’t get much better in Melbourne during winter, those golden shots of reflections, mirrored images in water and the rain creating a haze over a busy night time city.

And lastly, what winter does is gives us an excuse to sit in doors, drink mulled wine and draw some great illustrations.

But to be fair, im going to WA tomorrow where its and Sunny 24 deg, so, with all the advantages of the winter, I still look for swift escape to summers horizons.