Colours: What they mean and why we need them?


Here at Divide & Nurture, we go through a process everyday before creating something.

One of the most important things for us to consider is colour.

Colours are associated so strongly with our emotions/reactions that is takes us only a split second to see it, read it and be affected by it.

Yellow: Activates memory
Orange: Encourages socialization
Red: Encourages action and confidence
Purple: Spirituality
Brown: Earth
White: Purification of thoughts or actions
Grey: Unsettling
Black: Inconspicuous



What Inspires Us? Our top ten!


Lets do our top ten-ers.

1) I would have to say, colour, namely that in everyday life, if your traveling sometimes the colours of a particular city will knock your socks off, that gets you thinking about moods and the way people construct colours around them

2) that being said, fashion. I love that way people put them selves together, from looking just a little ‘i dunno they just look cool for some reason’ to the really different and experimental

3)  Great simple clean & honest design, with a lot of space and clarity.

4) coffee, heaps of it, last week i did a full week of not drinking coffee, although i felt physically good, but i swear by the last day i was like something out of train spotting.

5) Working and talking to other creatives, now this may seem a little weird, but when you are doing it alone at the start and as you then reach out to other creatives to collaborate, you get so many good ideas, the the good ideas you have become something that you would not normally do. This is why I love it

6) This one is lame, but Im a girl…Puppies. Because they are so cute and fluffy…aww!

7) Learning drawing , i did this for the past two years in a group to refine skills, after this point i really found that i picked up some ways of not only drawing, but researching that really was inspiring.

8) People who work hard at their passion, i think from anyone to a fashion designer, to authors and world leaders. i admire the work they put into their passion and it inspires me to do the same.

9) Beautiful spaces, clever designs of the space around us, french design especially because they are so refined

10) The good weather, because I am obsessed with it.